Who We Are

Audore was formed by a group of like-minded designers who share a passion for California’s beauty and jewelry design.

We want to share our passion and help you discover the endless beauty of California’s blue sky, sunshine, and scenery, filled with energy through our products.

We offer high-quality jewelry at an affordable price by controlling design, manufacturing ourselves, and cutting the middle man. Our entire collection is carefully selected, examined, and hand-inspected by our team before getting to our customers hands.

Our Value

Our core values are Design Driven, Affordable Luxury, and Thoughtful care. Audore reduces cost and improves the quality by involving in every step of the process which greatly reduces the cost for customers. We tie our brand into one cohesive theme by involving in every aspect, from design to unboxing, for our valued customers.

California Love

Hope energy of California’s blue sky, sunshine,
desert, and cities shine on your daily life.
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